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Facts & FAQs

Whats the difference between single origin and a blend?

Coffee from the same location is known as single origin.  A mix of beans from more than one location, is a blend.  The reason we blend coffee is to create appealing flavor profiles that cannot be achieved with a single origin bean.  That said, some varieties can stand on their own. 

Would I prefer a light roast or a dark roast?

If you prefer a classic breakfast blend, you probably like a bolder, darker roast.  Dark roasts have more body and less acidity, and tend to have deeper/richer notes of cocoa.  We suggest our Cotton and Espresso Blends.  Lighter coffee is bright and crisp, with heavier fruit notes like our Colibri and Scissor Blends.  

Do you sell a blend for iced coffee?

All of our coffees can be used to make iced coffee.  Coffee that is specifically labeled as “iced,” is simply roaster’s choice — that roaster believes their blend is best served cold.  We recommend either the Scissor Blend or the Colibri Blend for a cold brew, but we also encourage you experiment at home, and let your favorite blend steep in the fridge.   

Is your coffee flavored?

No.  We do not flavor our coffee.  Like wine, notes are used to describe the subtle flavors within coffee.  A beans flavor is revealed during the roasting process.  Once roasted, different bean varieties are mixed to create an entirely new flavor profile, known as a blend.  

-Adding a little sugar will help bring out the notes.

How do I make espresso?

The truth is, you need a machine.  Whether it’s electric or spring-loaded, to make espresso, you need an immense amount of pressure to properly extract the oils from the bean.  Otherwise, it’s a strong cup of coffee.  An “espresso blend” is a combination of bean varieties specifically formulated to create a strong, yet smooth and balanced flavor within a small amount of liquid.  That’s not to say you can’t enjoy an espresso blend in a traditional coffee pot, or a breakfast blend in an espresso machine.  The choice is yours!

How is it fresh if the beans are outsourced from around the world?

It's the  time after we roast the coffee that's important. The raw beans cannot be ground and consumed as coffee. The coffee cherry is picked and the bean is removed through a fermentation process, or letting the bean dry naturally. Once the beans are dried, they are able to be roasted and this is when it turns into the coffee we know and love. This is the time when you have a finite window to enjoy the purest flavor of the coffee bean.

Whats the best way to store coffee.

The best way is store coffee is in an air tight container at room temperature.  After roasting, coffee releases Carbon Dioxide gas, a process known as degassing. Our bags are sealed to be air tight, with a zip lock built in for continuous use. The bags are equipped with a one way degassing valve allowing the Carbon Dioxide released from the bean to escape, while keeping the Oxygen out.  

Any questions about our coffee? If its not here please feel free to contact us.


- Organic Tawbi Coffee - Roasted in Oklahoma

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